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Dr. Radmila Lukian, Founder of Lucia Clinic, Discusses How She Built One Of Dubai’s Leading Cosmetic Medicine Centers

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: January 3, 2023

“I found my talent for aesthetic medicine as a dermatologist very early on, because my outcomes were remarkable from day one.”

We frequently (read: always) hear at Entrepreneur Middle East that Dubai provides a varied range of choices for growth-hungry entrepreneurs and investors, as well as individuals looking to add famous global experience to their resumes. Dr. Radmila Lukian, founder of Lucia Clinic, an aesthetic and dermatology center in Dubai’s Jumeirah neighborhood, had a very special reason for continuing her career as a dermatologist and anti-aging specialist in Dubai. “Years ago, for the first time ever, I was invited to deliver a lecture at a dermatology conference in Dubai, and I quickly realized that Dubai was a major challenge for me as an expert dermatologist and aesthetic doctor,”,” she remembers. “Dubai has a fantastic mix of different skin types, and all of my previous experiences in aesthetic medicine helped me further know, develop, and enhance my strategy to each and every skin type.”

How the business started.

Dr. Lukian made the decision to establish her clinic in Dubai in 2012. “”I realised I couldn’t apply my knowledge by working in another clinic because I was limited there,” she says. “When I worked in other clinics, I noticed that the commercial approach seemed to be more essential than the approach a doctor, so my main goal was to create a new concept where a doctor’s, an expert’s, opinion would be first and foremost.”

Lucia Clinic now employs 37 people who specialise in dermatology, plastic surgery, and aesthetic and cosmetic therapies for the face and body. Dr. Lukian thinks starting a business in Dubai was a rewarding experience because she “was assisted at each step of the process.” It did, however, take some time for her vision of a clinic where a doctor’s decision would trump any commercial interest to be fully accepted by her industry peers. “Different partners do not always welcome new ideas and concepts,” she says. “Several consultants, as well as medical professionals, were sceptical of my approach to developing a doctor into a leader. That was the battle I had.”

Dr. Lukian’s expertise has been recognised throughout the world, with memberships in organisations such as the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and the World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine, to name a few. “As a dermatologist, I discovered my talent for aesthetic medicine very early on, because my results were exceptional from day one,” she adds. “In my work, I’ve always insisted on constant education and creativity, which has inspired me to become an educator for novel methods and equipment for non-surgical facelifts, as well as a lecturer at world congresses in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Monaco, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Bangkok, South Africa, and other places.”

Her client list is also impressive, with names like Huda Kattan, Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan, Joan Small, Carla Dibello, and many others on it. “”Because our clients come from all over the world, I’ve always kept insisting on offering fantastic customer service as well as excellent and safe treatments,” she says. “Transparency with our clients, superior knowledge, and a positive attitude are all things that my team and I strive for on a daily basis. I am still and will continue to be our Chief Physical Dermatologist, which means I am in charge of every procedure and new product at our clinic.”

One of the reasons for her company’s success, according to Dr. Lukian, is her decision to instil a sense of responsibility to continuous enhancement in its DNA. “All of our employees are encouraged to look for ways to improve our daily operations, from assessing current processes and suggesting improvements to looking for opportunities to cut unproductive work,” she says. “In addition, we are keeping up with trends in our field and attending world congresses on a regular basis because, as the brand’s owner, it is critical that my clinic conveys my vision and mission.” Finally, you are your best brand ambassador.” That would also clarify why she treats her providers with honesty and respect. “You must always be clear and honest in all aspects of your business, and you must always complete all tasks on time,” Dr. Lukian adds. “It is critical to consider how each business structure affects your daily operations, and then to concentrate on finding better alternatives to any challenge.”

Dr. Lukian sees her industry’s future as one of expansion and growth, with new client groups becoming more flexible to dermatological and anti-aging treatments. ” “The latest trend is healthy lifestyles, which are bringing in new clients for the first time,” she says. “This is why it’s critical to stay up to date on the new findings, trends, and techniques.” In addition, men’s interest in and engagement in cosmetic procedures has grown in recent years. Furthermore, a growing number of younger people, known as Generation Z, who make much more informed decisions, are looking for dermatologists.”

Dr. Lukian anticipates that the role of a dermatologist will become increasingly important in the field of aesthetic medicine as a result of factors such as these. “The future of this field is bright because we are all achieving even more excellence in education, research, and technological advances,” she says. “Dubai has strong and cautious laws that will allow us to enforce these cutting-edge technologies safely.” So it’s a fascinating time for our industry in this region, both now and in the future.”

‘TREP TALK: Dr. Radmila Lukian’s Entrepreneurial Advice’

1. Begin with a long-term plan. “Have a clear vision for your business, because you should always understand what you want and where you want to go.”

2. Keep an eye on your money. “Know your numbers, because sustainable growth can only occur if you have a strong grasp of your finances.”

3. Adopt a “glocal” strategy “Remain educated about the latest trends and technologically savvy, because Dubai has already become a regional leader of global trends, and ensure that the execution of your new learnings is in accordance with UAE laws.”

4. Surround yourself with the best people. “Create a fantastic team because it is undoubtedly the best, but also the most overlooked, aspect of running a successful business.”

5th. The consumer is always correct. “Pay special attention to customer service, and ensure that your entire team understands the significance of every interaction with customers.”

6. Spread the word “Invest in marketing because it is the driving force behind your company. Because I didn’t have Facebook or Instagram at the time, my business was built entirely on word-of-mouth. Now I understand how critical it is to stay on top of new marketing trends and put them into action correctly.”

7. Help to build a collaborative ecosystem “Know your competition and maintain a positive relationship with them.” We all live in the same city and are all working to establish a name for ourselves in the field of aesthetic medicine. We have international clients who travel from one part of the world to another and from one clinic to another, so mutual respect is essential.”


In the end, we can say that Dubai is one of the best cities in which you can open a business, it provides all the means and facilitates the ways for you to do so, in addition to being a fertile ground to attract clients from all over the world and expand your customer base, as Dr. Lukian said, in Dubai, you will have Clients from all over the world, so if you decide to open a Cosmetic Medicine center or any other business, you will definitely need translation services or cooperation with a translation company in Dubai to communicate with these clients.

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