How to establish an online e-commerce business in Qatar?

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: August 4, 2022

Why should I launch an e-commerce venture in Qatar?

The e-Commerce section in Qatar is still in its early stages, with a projected increase from $1.2 billion in 2017 to $3.2 billion in 2020. As a result, now is the ideal time to start your e-Commerce business in Qatar. The existing E-commerce penetration in Qatar is only 20%, indicating that Qatar is a high-potential market with significant growth in the online segment. The Qatar economy benefits from a high disposable income and a well-connected community, providing a good environment for the development and chance in the online business.

What should you keep in mind when conducting online business in Qatar?

  • First and foremost, make certain that you are officially registered in Qatar in order to conduct your Online Business without difficulty. Before you begin trading online, you should double-check that you have included the “Trading through Internet” or “e-Commerce” action in your Commercial Registration.  It is not possible to open a bank account or import products into Qatar without a legal entity. our team can assist you with the necessary legal procedures and legal translation. For a no-obligation consultation, please contact us.
  • Qatar’s Ministry of Transport and Communication has issued a handy guide to be followed when conducting any type of online business in Qatar (
  • It is critical to get a simple and appealing domain name that is appropriate for your business. It’s also important to get domain because it gives you more credibility, which helps with local SEO. Check to see if your domain name is available.
  • Combine a secure payment gateway, such as QPAY (, as well as an SSL certificate, to ensure the security and trustworthiness of your website.
  • As your website is your business and identity, it must be fast and user-friendly. As a result, pay close attention to the website’s UI/UX. Also, ensure that your website is responsive, meaning that it exhibits correctly on all screen sizes, whether they are on a PC, mobile device, tablet, or other device, as users these days use a variety of devices to search, review, and purchase online.
  • Create accounts on social media channels and raise awareness about your online business because Qatar has a large online community that connects, engages, and buying directly from social media posts.
  • Because  Qatar is a country where many nationalities live, you will have to display your content on the website and social media in many languages.We can help you to do this by offering the best translation services in Dubai and the Middle East region.
  • With the right guidance and legal advice, our team of consultants has been assisting entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses in Qatar.

What exactly is Theqa’s trustmark?

According to Qatar’s Ministry of Transport and Communications, the country has huge growth potential in e-commerce. In light of this, the government launched a non-profit Theqa e-commerce trust mark program, releasing MoTC Theqa certificates to evolving e-merchants to support the e-commerce industry, thereby instilling trust and confidence in the minds of online customers.

Theqa e-commerce Trustmark Benefits in Qatar ATTRACTS NEW CUSTOMERS: Because of the Government’s permission, any e-commerce business that displays the Theqa badge on its website is instantly verified as trustworthy, gaining more customers to trade confidently with you.

SECURITY SYMBOL: Theqa registration rises data protection and reduces the possibility of risk.

AN INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF VISITORS: Theqa’s outstanding search engine rankings boost the e-online merchant’s presence and exposure, increasing the number of visitors to the website. This provides the e-merchant a competitive advantage.

HIGH STANDARDS: The MoTC Theqa Certificate registration process shows that the firm meets Qatar’s requirements, making it a high-standard business.

Worldwide Sales: With a MoTC Theqa Certificate, the e-merchant gains international recognition of Theqa, opening up a broader range of market opportunities.

Lawful compatibility: Any Theqa certified e-merchant would have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations, allowing the company to run smoothly and without legal stumbling blocks.

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