Investing in the United Arab Emirates

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  • Date: September 18, 2022

The population of the United Arab Emirates, which consists of seven Emirates, is primarily made up of foreign residents, accounting for 80 percent of the population. With such a diverse and vibrant mix of cultures, the UAE has communities of almost every nationality. This assumes that doing business in the UAE will be more difficult than in Canada, for example, but with the assistance of language experts in any  translation company in Dubai, you can overcome the language (and cultural) obstacles.

In terms of Middle Eastern business and global trade, the UAE is unrivalled. It also belongs to the UN, the Arab League, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. The UAE is now identified as a regional and middle power as a result of its rising profile.

iBecause this market is a cultural melting pot and languages (because of speaking more than Arabic here), it requires a significant amount of localized content to penetrate. That is where business translation plays its role. Everything, from your brand message to customer reviews, must be localised if you want to do business in the UAE. Apart from localization, here are some other things to consider.

Understanding the Languages Required for Doing Business in the United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, Arabic is the most widely spoken language. They do, however, conduct much of their business in English. In addition, French, Russian, and Hindi are frequently spoken here.

Etiquette in Business

Here’s a quick rundown of the three major components of business etiquette in the UAE:

The Dress Code

Dress conservatively and modestly at all times. In public, women cover their arms and knees whenever possible. Men, from the other hand, dress formally


The Emirates are used to formality. As a result, it’s important to remember to address rank and titles whenever you speak to someone.


“As-salam Alaikum,” which translates to “peace be upon you,” is the standard greeting in the UAE, and you’ll respond with “Wa Alaikum as-salam,” which translates to “and peace be upon you.” Handshakes are also used to begin introductions, but you must avoid shaking hands with women except if they extend their hand first.

The Importance of Localization When Doing Business in the UAE

While many Arabs understand English, it is always necessary to localise your offerings when dealing with this distinct market. The cultural differences between, say, the United States and the United Arab Emirates are significant. As a result, if your marketing efforts are not tailored to the local dialect, the locals may perceive them negatively.

The whole point of localization and business translation is to make the content feel more natural to the target audience. This gives the impression that it was designed with their cultural aspects in mind. It also demonstrates your brand’s willingness to adjust to novel markets and adapt to changing needs. As a result, localization deletes the barriers that language can sometimes introduce. It also guarantees that your message is received as genuine by the Arabic audience.


Do you intend to conduct business in the UAE? Then, as part of a foreign direct investment, it is critical to employ business translation services to localize content. This includes elements such as your website, user and service materials, product reviews, videos, and marketing materials. This will help your global expansion strategy succeed. That is where Day Translations enters the picture.

Our business interpreters are well-versed in the UAE market. We understand everything that is needed to ensure the success of your translation project.We can provide you with the best translation services in Dubai and the whole UAE.

 Contact us right away to learn more about our comprehensive language services that will assist you in breaking down language barriers!

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