How Torjoman Translation Service Provider Works on Your Translation Request?

Have you ever wondered how a translation service provider works? In this article, we break down our translation process into simple steps, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how we work.


The importance of good translation

In 2019, there were approximately 7.7 billion people in the world. English and Mandarin were the most spoken languages globally. However, of these 7.7 billion people, only 22% spoke English and 15% spoke Mandarin as a first or second language. This means a large percentage of the global population speaks, reads, shops and makes decisions in other languages.

Translating content, products and services into different languages opens up these markets. By speaking your audience’s languages, you have the opportunity to truly connect them, wherever they are. But, to have an impact, your translation needs to be spot on.

Whether it’s a scientific report or a creative campaign, your words matter. Poor quality translations lead to information loss and miscommunications. The best translations deliver your messages in the right way and on time. That’s why, at Torjoman, we have rigorous processes in place to ensure our translations meet the highest standards. Here’s what happens when you submit your translation request.


1-Incoming request

Translation requests come in via our online ordering system. We have a web-based portal and an app to make requesting a translation simple. All you need to do is fill out a quick form with key details about your translation. If you have any questions or a complex request, please send us a message.

Our online portal and app work in a similar way. First, you select a service, in this case, translation. Then, you let us know which languages you want to translate from and to, and the subject area. Finally, you tell us your word count and upload any relevant files. Once we have this information, we can assess the scope of the project, decide on the best approach, and provide an accurate quotation.


2-Assessing your request

This is where the translation process begins for our team. We examine your translation request, consulting with technical engineers where necessary. We take the following factors into account when assessing your project:

  • Language pairs
  • Overall project size
  • Translation goals
  • Services needed
  • Technical specifications
  • Deadlines for completion


3-Quotation and NDA

We understand that your budget matters. As a leading translation services provider, we aim to offer the best translations that are within your budget, without compromising on quality. You’ll receive your free quotation based on the above criteria. Once you agree to go ahead, we can sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to keep your project private and confidential, as needed.



The translation process truly begins at this stage. Our project managers will oversee translations with expert linguists who understand your field of work. Our translators are native speakers of the languages and dialects they work with, and have high-level research and linguistic skills. We assign our translators to projects that suit them, creating perfect matches and smooth translations. 

Torjoman’s translation team regularly navigates complex language, words without direct translations, and technical terminology to provide highly accurate and precise work. If your translation is part of a multimedia, online, or software-based project, our engineering team is on hand to ensure functionality at all times. Our teams have the latest technologies at their disposal to efficiently optimize the translation process.



Editing is an important step in any language project. A highly-skilled member of our team assesses the translation and makes edits as appropriate. This could involve tweaking content, style, format, or language. Each edit is done with your project’s specific needs in mind; we take into account a translation’s audience, genre and industry.



Once editing is complete, proofreading can begin. We make sure that a proofreading expert or senior editor checks for errors, ensuring consistency throughout the document. This helps to create a highly readable, error-free text.

If you don’t need full translation services, or the translation is already complete, we can provide standalone editing and proofreading services. To find out more, please visit our proofreading page.


7-Client review

Next, you receive and review your translation. We work in a wide variety of file types, so please let us know if you’d like us to send your translation in a specific format. At this stage of the translation process, we’re happy to discuss any changes you’d like to make or adaptations to the services you need. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and customer support, so we’re here to help.


8-Applying changes and quality assurance

Torjoman’s team will implement any necessary alterations and adapt the translation as needed. Once this is complete, we move on to final quality assurance (QA) checks. Choosing us as your translation provider means choosing quality. Our QA system follows best practices and adheres to strict ISO 17100 standards. Our QA protocols are layered throughout our translation process, including during editing and proofreading, technical functionality testing, final checks and more.


9-Project delivery

You receive your final, top-quality translations, on time and as expected (or even better!).


Torjoman – your experienced translation services provider

We have over 25 years’ experience in the translation industry. Our work has helped clients to reach and connect with audiences in markets around the world. Because Torjoman’s translation team speaks over 120 languages, we can help with all major language pairs as well as less common dialects. To find out more about what we do, please visit our translation services page or get in touch.

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