Today’s Top 3 Challenges That Face Legal Translation

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: February 26, 2020

As companies are increasingly exploring new business opportunities – with new audiences in new overseas markets across the globe – they usually find they have a growing volume of legal documents that require the expertise of legal translators.

In the United Arab Emirates, the demand for legal translation services is also on the rise day by day. But why is this need growing, particularly for legal translation Dubai?

Why Legal Translation Dubai?

When a city is turned into an economic and business hub, the volume of legal dealings consequently rises, and with it comes the dire need for legal translations. This is exactly the case in the most cosmopolitan city across the Gulf and the Arab world ─ Dubai. But why?

As expected against such a multicultural business background, people and businesses communicating with one another should obviously require the translation of a wide array of legal documents into multiple languages.

When it comes to legal translation services in Dubai, a wide range of documents are normally translated including: 

  • Business contracts
  • Copyright, patent and trademarks
  • Financial records involving foreign banks
  • Corporate documents i.e. T&C, warranty
  • Regulatory translation for businesses expanding overseas
  • International fraud claims
  • E-discovery for litigation claims


Challenges That Face Legal Translation Services

Even though the need for legal translation services in Dubai is continuously increasing, there are still a number of challenges that the industry has to face ─ ranging from legal terminology to turnaround time to data security.


Challenge 1 – Legal Jargon

Unfortunately, legal terminology has not seen a lot of adjustments over the years, and the jargon of law used has not changed over the decades, especially in such documents as divorce documents, statutes, contracts and patents. What’s more, there are legal differences in terms of systems and jargon among countries to the extent that sometimes things that are acceptable in, say, Germany may turn out to be taboo in Pakistan!

Worse, it costs too much if errors occur in legal translations. To be fair, we need to admit that such errors in legal translation can wreak havoc with corporate reputation, may negatively impact people’s lives, and can, at times, even harm the international economy.

From day one, Torjoman has always had the solution ─ our expert legal translation team, whose members have the right knowledge to understand the legal differences between different countries, have an in-depth understanding of how the countries’ laws are applied to ensure that the documents they translate are both useful and relevant.

At Torjoman, each of our legal translators has a legal academic background along with in-depth expertise in both the legal system of the source country and the target country’s legal system. 


Challenge 2 – Fast Turnaround

When it comes to legal translation services, a strict deadline becomes a must.  Think of a situation (hopefully hypothetical!) of an important document that is required to be translated and is needed in court; what would the delay result in addition to rendering the document null and void?!

When it comes to delivering such vital documents as offers, contracts, and patents, slow turnaround times may negatively impact the regular operation of companies, and could simply mean the loss of vendors, partners, distributors, and, alas, customers!

That’s why Torjoman takes pride in having a big world-class team of expert linguists who can not only complete the translation speedily but are also keen to ensure that quality is never compromised.


Challenge 3 – Data Security

Yes, businesses in all industries, and legal firms in particular, are 100% justified in being obsessive-compulsive about their data security, as most legal documents contain highly sensitive data, are, therefore, highly confidential ─ and getting them translated mustn’t change that!

At Torjoman, we’ve earned over the past 25 years an established reputation for being the trustworthy translation company that has put in place all the security features that prevent sensitive materials from falling into the wrong hands.

First, before taking any project, receiving any legal documents or proceeding with the translation, we have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to protect our clients and their business.

Second, we, at Torjoman, have put in place the latest technology, including Translation Management System TMS and Content Management System CMS, that enables us to safeguard our client’s legal documents and makes it possible for us from the outset to agree with them on the parts of data which even the translation team should not see.

To see how professional legal translation can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote.

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