Translation Industry Terms: A Complete Guide for Translation Buyers

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  • Date: October 30, 2019

There is no doubt that the success of any company, organization, or institution – whether it’s a private or a public one – doesn’t come by sheer coincidence. Success depends on many factors including right planning, well-designed strategy, continuous improvement, attractive marketing strategies and many more.

As for regional or international success, there are many other factors that any company should take into consideration. The goal of any business is to reach out to new customers in new markets and increase brand awareness. Now we can understand the significant role of translation services in helping any business to talk to customers. Services such as localization, desktop publishing, multilingual SEO and others always help companies to promote products and services in an engaging language according to each business’s target audience and markets. 

So if you are still looking for a language services vendor, we will provide the main translation terminologies that you should know before partnering with any service provider.


Translating your business content professionally will help you to convey your business messages to your target audience. The content might be written as text documents or multimedia content like images, videos, and PDF files. Translators will transfer your company’s data, info or the indirect marketing messages to your clients in their mother languages, which will turn your prospects into leads, who might end up as customers. As a result, your sales revenues will increase, your market share will be higher, and you will be able to enter new markets.


Editing services include editing, enriching and organizing text, audio or video documents. The purpose is to show the reader a 100% professional content  As all of us know that “Content is the King” of the digital marketing world, so to edit your content after translation is bound to achieve more impressive results in both sales and marketing.


Proofreading services means checking and revising the spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting and structure, of your documents to make sure they are free of errors. This is to guarantee that you deliver your message to your audience seamlessly and flawlessly.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

DTP is the use of publishing software like Adobe InDesign, which enables you to design digital and printed materials like newsletters, brochures, booklets and many other documents. 


It’s the process of adapting a service, a product, an application or a document to fit well with the language and the culture of a specific target audience in a specific market. Localization is going beyond normal translation, especially when you are invading a new market as you want to make sure that you are speaking the same language of your customers. 

Website Localization

Website localization is a specialized process to localize your website content for a specific locale. So it’s not translating text only but includes other elements such as pictures, images with texts, videos or white papers, HTML elements and other elements.

Media Localization

Multimedia localization is the process of adapting audio or video files to match the preferences of people in different geographical regions across the globe. These preferences include cultural differences and local regulations.


Transcreation is the process of recreating a text into a new language, taking the cultural context of a written, audio or video communication into account Transcreators normally start with understanding the whole concept of the document and then translate with their own style while keeping the same intent and tonality of the text. 


Copywriting is the art of writing to promote a product, a business, a person or an idea. And carefully selecting, editing, weaving and constructing those words in a way that persuades the reader to take a specific, measurable action. Copywriters are responsible for creating the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more.

Multilingual SEO

It’s the process of optimizing your content for multiple languages and multiple locations. This process involves mutual cooperation between SEO specialists and translators to use the most targeted and focus keywords within the context so as to guarantee that search engines like Google will rank them organically. Multilingual SEO will improve your users’ experience while visiting your website, plus increasing the number of your website visitors as well.

Translation Management System (TMS) 

It’s software that manages and controls the translation process to eliminate repetitive tasks. TMS is really an important tool for language service providers that are managing high volumes of translation and working with multiple clients. And due to the nature of the work, you may find multiple persons working on the same project, possibly working from different countries, like translators, editors, proofreaders, project managers..etc. TMS will gather all these people together in one platform.

Content Management System (CMS)

Instead of building and coding your website from scratch, you can use a content management system, which is a software program that enables you to add, edit, manage and publish your digital content. All this can be done without the need of an expert or having technical knowledge about the CMS.

CMS & TMS Integration

Connecting your content management system (CMS) to the translation management system (TMS) of your language services vendor to streamline the workflow of the translation process. As your content will be automatically transferred back and forth to the TMS of your partner, once a new content is added to the CMS, translators will receive it automatically then start working on it and once they are done, the content will go back directly to the CMS.

Translation Glossary

It’s a list of technical, difficult terminologies with their definitions and translations in a foreign language. Also, it might include trademark names, acronyms and names. The glossary is created with the agreement of the language service provider and the customer who has a translation project, with a view to maintaining a consistent translation throughout the whole project.

Language Pairs

When you have two languages and you would like to translate from language A to language B, this is called a language pair. For example, if you would like to translate from English (source language) into Arabic (target language).

Translation Memory (TM)

Known as TM, it’s a database that stores segments, sentences, or paragraphs that have been translated from the source language into the target language. TM’s purpose is to help translators to work faster, maintain translation consistency throughout the whole translated document.

Translation Quality Assurance Process

It’s a set of activities and management procedures to ensure that the translation projects are delivered with the highest quality. The ISO 17100 certification is one of the crucial processes to ensure delivering a quality translation process. 

Why Torjoman?

Over the years, Torjoman has gained extensive experience in working with local, regional and international brands – like Al Futtaim Group, Takamol, and Dubai Chamber- helping them enter new markets and reach their target audience in the MENA and the Gulf regions, and mainly in the UAE. So we are well known for the following: r team of specialized linguists, every translator is working in a specific industry and a specific language to provide the highest professional translation service.

  • The ability to finish your project within the agreed deadline with the highest quality -whatever the size of the project or the language.
  • The ability to provide all types of language services, including translation, localization, copywriting, desktop publishing services and many more.
  • We are keen to assign one project manager to each customer. The project manager is responsible for communicating with the customer and keeping him continuously updated about the status of his project and finally delivering it at the right time as per his request.
  • We proudly provide you with an easy online portal to upload your file, choose the requested service, the source and the target language and then you can pay automatically. After sending the request, we can work on the project straight away and send it back to you once it’s done. Along with a mobile application that you can also use to request translation anywhere and anytime.
  • Being a 17100 ISO certified translation company means that our translated content is going through a certain 3-stage process (translation, editing, and proofreading).

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