Creating a Social Story for Your Business

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: July 26, 2022

Consider the numbers to understand the importance of social media in increasing brand awareness and engagement. According to the latest Global Web Index report, 98% of Internet users are active on at least one social media site. Social networks have become an essential part of everyday life over the last decade, and smart brands are trying to capitalize on social’s large and engaged audience to lure consumers and communicate with audiences.

When used in conjunction with an event, social media can be especially effective. Before an event, social media platforms are an effective way to increase enrollment and build expectancy. Throughout the event, social media can be used to build community by connecting attendees with the company, presenters, and other guests. Throughout the event, social conversations assist brands in increasing awareness and building enthusiasm for upcoming events.

“Oh, the things you can find if you don’t stay behind!” says Dr. Seuss. To obtain the desired output and enjoy the benefit, brands must create an interactive social presence by devising novel ways to integrate social media into the event life cycle.

Increase Attendance Prior to Events

Trying to promote your event on your website and through email marketing campaigns is an important tool for improving event attendance among people who are already familiar with your brand, but the most successful events attract attendees from both current and emerging audiences. To attract new guests, however, you must link with audiences with whom you are not currently engaged. One approach is to use advertising – but a more cost-effective method is to use social media.

When done properly, social media coverage of your event can greatly raise your reach. When someone reacts to your post, it appears in the feeds of his or her entire network, acting as a social amplifier. You can massively boost event awareness in new fans without spending any money if you take the time to come up with creative and encouraging posts that are worth sharing. In addition, common posts about your event in attendees’ feeds will increase event anticipation and excitement.

During Events, Create a Sense of Community and Facilitate Networking

One of the most appealing aspects of attending an event is the opportunity to interact with other guests and speakers. Having a social link with your event is an easy way to encourage networking and community. There are several methods to incorporate social media into your event to foster community and motivate sharing:

  • Make use of a mobile event app that includes an activity feed. There are numerous advantages to using a mobile event app, but one popular application is via an in-app activity feed that gathers all event social posts. Guests can use the feed to find out who else is going, interact with others who have posted updated information, and stay up to date on presentations and speakers.

  • Set up a customer engagement base. Bring multiple social connections into one activity feed and show it on a screen in a high-traffic event area to increase awareness of continuing social conversations, increase engagement, and provide attendees with their 15 minutes of event renown by getting on the social wall.
  • Make your own hashtag campaign. A tailored hashtag campaign can increase brand and event awareness across various social media channels while also making it easy to collect posts. To reap the most benefits, motivate employees, speakers, and attendees to include the hashtag in their posts and updates.

Without community engagement, events simply feel like serious meetings more than a way to have fun. However, by incorporating social media, you can foster a stronger sense of community among guests, allowing them to expand their networks while creating lovely memories that will inspire new event attendance.

Increase Brand Awareness Throughout the Event’s Lifecycle

Every social media post that is shared—every time someone reacts to a post, shares a comment from an event speaker, or a photo from the event—broadcasts your event to a massive audience of social media users. Each of these social moments contributes to brand awareness, even among those who do not attend the event. They see your brand’s name, know more about what it does, and may be expected to join future events.

According to a Nielsen report from 2015, recommendation from friends is the most trustable form of advertising: 83% of people trust the recommendations of those nearest to them.

With increasing your social media presence, merging social throughout your event’s lifecycle, and cultivating an interactive social audience, you can create social proof for both your event and your brand, indicating relevance, increasing awareness, and satisfying the customers.

Finally, you can make your social media presence more effective by making it multilingual where you can reach a larger audience and interact with each audience in their own language. There are many translation companies in Dubai that can help you in this.

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