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Did you know that around 420 million people all over the Earth speak Arabic in more than 30 dialects? This makes it the sixth most popular language in the world. Moreover, it is used by a major part of the global Muslim population – especially in the gulf. Thus, Arabic translation services Dubai is required for medical, legal, financial, technical, and marketing purposes.

The official written form of Arabic is known as Modern Standard Arabic and is used in most formal settings. In Arabic translation in Dubai, we recommend most of our clients to translate to Modern Standard Arabic because that it is widely accepted as the official form of the language.

arabic translation services dubai

Nuances of Arabic Translation

Arabic translation in Dubai requires understanding certain fundamental factors which are peculiar to the language. For example:

  • Arabic is written from right side to the left side of a page.


  • All letters in writing Arabic are aligned to each other in such a manner that they cannot be split across different lines.


  • Arabic is written in two forms as stated before, called Classical Arabic and the other Modern Standard Arabic. Our expert linguists work in the form which is most appropriate to the nature of the document. Like religious or cultural content is written in Classic Arabic, while business related documents are rendered in Modern Standard Arabic.


  • The Arabic script has various symbols that emphasize different sounds. These symbols are combined with letters to convey the intended meaning so Arabic translation services require paying attention to these delicate details.

Did you know that to the fact that Arabic is written from right to left, the positioning of images on a page is also influenced and so is the numbering of pages? Arabic letters take up more space than English ones, so in English to Arabic translation the translated document would most likely have more pages than the original one.

We understand that translating to and from Arabic can be challenging. This is why in our Arabic translation services we only have proven and tested Arabic translators who are native speakers. Each Arabic translator is a certified professional; and so we can ensure high quality Arabic translation services.

Accurate Arabic Translation Services Dubai for all Industries

Another critical aspect of high-quality translation is understanding the subject matter for which translation is required. With our experience in Arabic translation services in Dubai, we can create accurate translations for multiple fields and industries. We can also translate multiple mediums such as documents, content, website, multimedia, software, web and mobile apps for different fields such as legal, medical, technical, media, telecommunications, technical, business, marketing, financial, etc. This is critical to ensure each of our Arabic translation services in Dubai is tailored to your subject matter, is done only by an expert of that field and thus, is 100% accurate.

We have Arabic translation in Dubai experts to work for/with almost every time zone to ensure not only accurate Arabic translations, but also to guarantee on-time deliveries even under the most demanding deadline requirements.

We believe in accuracy and authenticity. As with all our languages translation services, Arabic translation services in Dubai projects also go through our strict translation process which guarantees quality. Each step is important in order to cross-reference and review the translation for consistency and accuracy no matter what size the project is. We also have modern technology and software in place such as Translation Memory that helps us create a glossary of key terminology of all fields of a certain language.

When it comes to selecting the right translator, we assess your project requirements and match one of our expert Arabic translators. We also evaluate optimal working hours so that quality of output is optimized and speed up turnaround times.

In all cases, we classify each Arabic translator by industry expertise so that you get accurate Arabic translations within your deadline and budget.

We understand that not all translation projects are same and therefore we can give you a custom quote according to your project requirements.

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